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As a travel agent, I love getting asked about honeymoon destinations that are a bit more out of the box.

I’m with you people!

For the couples that are well-traveled or that want a challenge on their trip, I’ve complied this list of places that I think are perfect for the traveling duo. They offer thrill-seeking activities with a pinch of romance, making them great for a non-traditional honeymoon or even just an adrenaline pumping couples vacation.

Here are 14 Badass Trips for the Adventurous Couple

‘Stans’ Trip

Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan: These still less-discovered countries of the world are fantastic for navigating off the cuff (though many opt for a guided tour). Though English is a rarity (best to bring someone that speaks Russian), it’s great to hitchhike and stay with locals to learn about the unique history of the countries home to the Silk Road. Many areas require permits or are banned, and visas can get quite expensive and difficult to obtain, so it’s a trip to be taken when you’re down for anything.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda / Uganda

Spending the day searching for Gorilla families will bring out your inner jungle explorer. It’s challenging enough to bring you closer as a couple but with big rewards.


Borneo is fantastic for hiking (Mt. Kinabalu), diving and/or snorkeling, and jungle trekking. For the active couple, the entire trip will be a test of stamina and endurance. There countless natural challenges for those that crave rugged adventure and they’re sure to be met with rewards for those that can keep up.

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The Maldives is the ultimate romantic getaway, but it’s also excellent for the beaches and water sports. While you’ll probably spend most of your time relaxing, there are plenty of islands to pop over to and explore.


Witnessing the exotic wildlife and terrain that’s unique to only these islands is unlike any other vacation. It’s best taken as a couple in order to save some $$ on shared rooming aboard the cruises that visit there but also because you’ll have life changing experiences together that you won’t have any where else in the world.


I LOVED my time on the giant island of Madagascar. It was one of the most exotic and exciting places I’ve been to to date. Though it’s not all resorts and easy travels, it’ll be somewhere you’ll want to say “screw it, we’re never going home!”

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Komodo Island & Raja Ampat Islands

Taking a liveaboard boat trip to Komodo National Park and the insanely picturesque Raja Ampat islands in West Papua is one of the most epic couples trips to take. If you’re a diver, this should be top on your bucket list!

Sri Lanka

This jungle paradise offers great rugged travel options for those looking for a challenge or an exotic getaway. Not to mention… elephants.


This country has recently opened its borders to tourists and is quickly making it to travelers bucket lists. But it’s still less discovered than the rest of Southeast Asia, making it an intriguing destination for any couple. Not to mention you can soar over thousands of ancient temples in a hot air balloon!

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You don’t have too much time off work or the budget is keeping you from straying too far from the States. You want sun and you want excitement. Guatemala is a lesser travelled Central American country that has ancient ruins, beautiful beaches, and jungle trekking for active couple.

Fjords of Scandinavia

Whether Finland, Sweden, or Norway, visiting the far North in the winter is tough but great fun. Aside from the obvious weather conditions, the winter activities of dogsledding, hunting for the northern lights, snowmobiling, and staying warm by the fire is perfect for a romantic honeymoon or expedition.

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This Western African country has been nominated by many as the best glimpse of Africa. The people are very friendly, the culture is rich, there’s no visa for visitors from many countries including the US and Europe, and it’s fairly  navigable.

Patagonia {Chile & Argentina}

Breathtaking landscapes and scenery for days, wine, trekking, camping, food… give it all to me. Just don’t forget your hiking boots! If you’re not on a tight budget or time crunch, you may even be able to catch a boat to Antarctica!


Visiting Nepal is an experience perfect for enriching the relationship with ones-self or significant other. While the nature and climbing can be great for anyone with or without children, it’s a trip better suited for focusing on the body and soul. Come here to get your trekking fix, practice meditation, and focus on connecting with each other.

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