I can’t help but shed a tear as I write this post and go through my photos. I love reminiscing and walking down memory lane, I think it helps me to savor the memories and appreciate my life and all I’ve accomplished. It also helps motivate me to continue living life to the fullest and making the most of every day. I’m slowly crossing items off my bucket list (though to be fair, it does keep growing) and for me, it’s such an important list in my life. It keeps me dreaming, inspired, strong, and centered.

If you don’t already have a bucket list, you need to start one now and I mean write it down. The physical feeling of crossing accomplishments off is one of the most satisfying things and will help you to prioritize travel and adventure, however unattainable it may feel. A bucket list is just another name for a life goal list and your life goals are just as important as your daily and weekly goals. But I digress… that is a topic for a post coming soon 😉

Here are my top 17 experiences from 2017!

– Norway Road Trip –

It’s no surprise that being able to cross this off my bucket list and it actually living up to my expectations puts my road trip through Norway high up on my list of favorites from 2017.

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– Familiarization Trip to Macao –

Loved loved loved getting to explore and learn about such a dynamic place.

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– Hiking Trolltunga –

Yes, this is a branch off from my Norway road trip, but the hike itself was an entire adventure!

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– Time in Taipei –

Though it was short, I loved learning about this city and island. I never expected to visit Taiwan, so this experience was such a pleasant surprise!

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– Sister Road Trip through Portugal –

Of course every trip with my sister-in-law is epic. This road trip from Porto to the Algarve was the cherry on top of my summer.

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– Belgium –

This spontaneous trip with one of my crazy best friends was so fun!

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– Malibu Wedding –

My week in LA for my best friends’ wedding was so magical. From the brunches to the nights out to the big day itself, everything was gorgeous and celebrating such a special occasion with my closest friends was perfect.

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– Barcelona : Round 3 –

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– Andy’s Birthday in Mallorca –

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– Attending a Wedding in Henry VIII’s Palace –

My boyfriends good friend had the most spectacular venue for his wedding/one year anniversary – Hampton Court Palace! This was truly a unique experience as I don’t think I’ll ever attend a wedding like that again.

– Easter in Santiago de Compostela –

Watching all the walkers finish their Camino sparked a new addition to my bucket list!

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– Ladies night in LA –

A bachelorette party in LA… no comment necessary!

– Summer Escape to Bilbao –

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– Chelsea vs. Atletico Match –

I loved being able to support my boyfriends favorite team! Controversially it was in our home city of Madrid, so I was morally conflicted 🙂

– Weekend in Wine Country –

This last minute getaway to Rioja with Andy was the perfect end to autumn. I found a new favorite area of Spain and some new favorite wines as well!

– Christmas with family –

With traveling so much, I miss a lot of holidays and occasions with family. That’s why I make it a rule to get home for Christmas. It’s relaxing, I get the comfort foods I miss out on all year, and I get to see all my family and friends.

– Being an Entrepreneur –

Being in Madrid for about 10 months now has been one of the best challenges of my life. As much as I’ve traveled, I’ve never planted roots in another city for longer than a few months and with the intention of staying. I’ve made amazing friends, I’m learning Spanish, and I’m absorbing the beautiful Spanish culture. Working from home during the process has been an equal challenge, and I’m growing more and more every day.

There you have it folks, that was my year. Please remember to keep up with your bucket list. Keep dreaming, be inspired, make changes to make your goals happen, stay positive, have gratitude, appreciate the every moment, and enjoy this short and beautiful life.

What was the absolute highlight of your 2017??

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