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You can feel it, can’t you? Spring is in the air. As the icy hand of winter relaxes its grip on us, some are just grateful to see the sun for more than a few hours a day.

For others however, now is the time to start seriously thinking about our next getaway. While there’s no shortage of luxurious hotels and charming B&Bs across the globe, there are some for whom nothing compares to a camping vacation. There’s something uniquely satisfying about spending your nights under the stars with only a thin layer of canvas between you and the sounds of nature.

If you only really come alive camping amidst nature’s beauty, you may have already scoured the globe for the best camping locations the world has to offer. However, if you’re new to these kinds of holidays, join me as I tour the world for the most picturesque sites that all camping enthusiasts must see.

6 Prime Destinations for Camping Enthusiasts

Loch Lomond

There are some parts of Scotland that really have to be seen to be believed and are utterly unique in their rugged beauty. While there are many for whom it doesn’t get much better than the Highlands, the smaller Trossachs make an easier and equally scenic destination for campers. The lochs and glens here, particularly the spectacular Loch Lomond have to be seen to be believed. The area has numerous opportunities for camping – from wild camping spots to caravan parks. Just be sure to familiarize yourself with the Outdoor Access Code before you pitch your tent.


Of course no post on camping would be complete without including the wild and wonderful country of Norway. This country swept my heart away last year and its nature enthralled me. It’s perfect for the avid camper as they have a countrywide rule stating that visitors may camp anywhere they please in the country (for free!) as long as they remain out of sight (if on private property) and leave the area cleaner than when they arrived. This means you can virtually set up your tent anywhere, even at the foot of the fjords or the tippity top of the mountains.

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Mount Cook National Park

It almost feels lazy to include New Zealand on a list like this. It has such an unsurpassed concentration of natural beauty spots. The south island has always drawn holiday-makers of all kinds. Campers will find some of the best views of their lives combined with a temperate climate in Mount Cook National Park. Grab a cold beer and enjoy the scenery. Before you go, perhaps purchase the Lord of the Rings soundtracks to really round out the experience.

Zion National Park

If your tastes favor warmer climes, you will be right at home in the rugged, ret tinted beauty of the Zion National Park in Utah. From lush, dense forested canyons to towering sandstone cliffs, you’ll find some sights that you’ll remember for the rest of your life here.

Svaneti, Georgia

Trekking and hiking here is absolutely unparalleled. Making your way through the valleys, up the Caucasus mountains, and past glacial lakes and glaciers will have you loving nature more and more.

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Vancouver Island

The city in Vancouver proper is a fantastic destination that’s well worth exploring, but among its many selling points is the ease with which visitors can access the wonderfully diverse ecosystem of British Columbia. Vancouver Island is one of the most unique and gorgeous camping sites in the world. Where else can you watch sea otters, orcas and brant geese in their natural habitat all in the same day?

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And just remember, be safe out there!

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