The remoteness, the diversity, and the wholly welcoming atmosphere of Borneo will leave you wanting more. The island requires patience and an open-mind but in return, it will reward you with one of the most unique trips you’ll ever take.

Here’s 9 Experiences You CANNOT Miss in Malaysian Borneo!

Trek Mt. Kinabalu

The 2 day trek was one of the hardest I’ve personally ever done, primarily because it’s climbing straight up and straight back down.

Granted, I bought some cheap walking shoes at a local market for the trek instead of having my hiking boots, which didn’t help my breaking knees on the scramble down. Nevertheless, the sun peering through the unique rock formations at the top of Kinabalu was totally worth it.

Snorkeling and/or Diving in Sipadan

Sipadan has been said to be the best dive spot in the entire WORLD. The variety of marine life you can see in one single dive will make the journey to this remote island well worth the trip and every penny.

The surrounding islands of Mabul, Sibuan, and countless others are not too shabby themselves. I strongly suggest getting your diving certification here or at least going for a snorkel – the marine life is absolutely the best.

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Trek for Orang-utans

Going on a multi-day trek to search for the Orang-utans in their natural habitat should be in your top 3. It’ll be quite a demanding journey, but so rewarding when you appreciate these orange giants in their home.

Learn about Orang-utans in Sepilok

If you don’t have much time on your trip or the funds for it, head to the Sepilok Orang-utan Sanctuary and view the orangutans that are free to roam the treetops of the reserve. You can also learn all about them and the affects of the palm oil industry.

Watch the Playful Sun Bears

These little guys are the smallest bear in the world and are also considered Vulnerable on the IUCN list due to deforestation.

Meet the Iban People and Stay in a Longhouse

These indigenous tribal people in the Sarawak region have a beautiful, rich, and deep-rooted history. Enjoy their company and stay in the communal long-houses for a real treat.

Smell the Stinky Rafflesia Flower

This gigantic flower only blooms once or twice a year and witnessing it is very rare. However, if you do make it during the right time, bring a gas mask because these magnificent giants emit an odor of rotting meat.

Day Trip to Brunei

The city itself may leave you a little conflicted due to the harsh juxtaposition of rich and poor. However it’s undeniable that the sheer lavishness of the Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque is quite a jaw dropper.

Become Absolutely Immersed in the Bornean Jungle

I didn’t realize how much I’d enjoy meditating and relaxing to the buzzing sounds the jungle. I nearly decided that I enjoyed the jungle almost as much as the beach… Yea, I know

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