Without a doubt, the wine region of Stellenbosch, is the perfect place to spend a day during your trip to Cape Town, South Africa. There’s no shortage of wineries to visit, which can make planning a bit overwhelming. Have no fear! I’ve mapped out my absolute favorite wineries that can fill a whole day with heavenly views, scrumptious wines and snacks, and some beautiful memories.

To start, I must suggest having a designated driver that will not be drinking throughout the day. Dave from David Kennedy Adventures is the absolute MAN and is unlike any other tour guide I’ve met. He’s born and raised in South Africa and loves his country. He’s extremely knowledgable and is a beautiful free-spirit. My list is the culmination of two separate wine tours I’ve previously done with him (all by his suggestion and planning) and the ones I liked best.

So, here is what I consider to be…

The Dreamiest Stellenbosch Wine Route


Fairview Wine & Cheese

The most popular winery, known for it’s goats, goat cheese, and general cheese pairings. This winery is one of the highest producing in the country

Stark-Conde Wines

The most beautiful grounds of all and easily my favorite! It is located on a lake at the base of a mountain with whimsical willow trees surrounding.

Vergenoegd Wine Estate

Known for its hundreds of ducks that wander the grounds eating the bugs off the grape plants. The tastings are very well done and the fun Khosa employees love to sing for you!

Solms Delta Wines

Beautiful outdoor sitting area with really fresh tasty wines. I recommend the whites and white zinfandels here, especially on a hot, summer day.

Lanzerac Wine Estate

Great desert wine pairing with chocolate. The owners care very much for the well-being of their workers which puts this high on my list.

J. C. la Roux

If you’re looking for a fancier establishment with something a bit more fizzy, this winery offers sparkling wines that will get your bubbly on.

“What if I don’t have a full day to visit Stellenbosch?!”

No worries! Cape Point vineyards is conveniently located in Noordhoek, Cape Town. It has scenic views with a lawn lounge area, restaurant, and sunset views. It also serves Springbok if you’re feeling hungry!

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