Sneaking into Hue’s abandoned water park – Ho Thuy Tien – was an epic adventure!

Here’s a peek at Vietnam’s Abandoned Water Park

Getting Around

Getting There

To arrive, don’t approach on Thuy Tien road to the original, official entrance. There are guards here that will turn you away. Instead, take the unnamed street right before (or west) of Thuy Tien road and go all the way to the top of the hill. You’ll find a dirt plot of land and a man waiting on a scooter. He’ll turn you away and say the park is closed, but offer him 10,000 dong and he’ll let you pass. You can take your scooter down towards the water and ride along the left side of the lake. Soon, you’ll start to see the head of the dragon in the distance! When finished at the iconic dragon island, continue along the other side of the lake to discover more of the abandoned park.

Use a Tour?

There is the option to take an underground tour to the waterpark, but I don’t suggest taking it. It’s much more fun to find it yourself!

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