I planned a weekend getaway to Mallorca for myself and my boyfriend for his 29th birthday. I wanted the weekend to be extra special because he’d be working so much and so hard lately, so I reserved us into the Jumeirah Port Soller and figured we’d go off on a boating trip one day with Mallorca having amazing beaches and all. Well, turns out the weather was not in our favor for the weekend and it was cloudy with showers every day.

Luckily, I had chosen thee perfect place to spend the weekend : The Jumeirah Port Soller

This resort made and saved our trip.

– The Property –

Just getting to the property is a trip in itself. The city is about 2 hours from Palma and the airport. As you approach Port de Soller, there is a 10eur toll road you can take to cut through the mountain range OR a winding, weaving, stretch of road over the mountains. Of course we love a good drive, so we opted for the latter and nearly killed a few cyclists. Port de Soller itself is quite upscale as it’s nestled in it’s own private nook at the foot of the mountains between seaside cliffs.

The Jumeirah Port Soller is ideally located high up on a cliffside with 360 views overlooking all of Port de Soller, the mountains, and the ocean. It’s positioning makes it a fantastic hideaway for couples looking to get away from the crowds and just relax and refresh. There were quite a few families at the property as well, but I personally don’t see it as a great family resort as it’s at least a 10 minute shuttle ride down to civilization.

There are a variety of rooms from standard with balconies and views of the mountains or ocean all the way to a panoramic, 2 story suite. The property offers a large family pool, an adults pool, a spa and fitness center, 3 restaurants, valet parking, and frequent shuttle rides down to the port. There are also rooftop day beds for getting some sun and ballrooms perfect for wedding rentals.

Upon entering, you’re welcomed by an infusion of Mallorcan and Arab decor. The Jumeirah properties originated in the UAE, so the designers have brought bits of inspiration from afar. The reception area is expertly placed with overlooks to the sea while you await check-in (genious!). You also get some complimentary fresh squeezed OJ while you speak to the receptionists – oranges are a specialty of Mallorca, so savor the goodness.

An obvious highlight is the infinite pool dropping off to the ocean. I myself am a sucker for infinite pools but with an sea view as well?! No need to twist my arm to stay here. Conveniently next to this pool is a cafe and bar, so there’s no need to go or do anything for at least a full day if relaxation is your goal.

My absolute favorite part of the entire property is the spa. It offers steam and salt rooms plus a sauna to detox and get your relaxation on. The assortment of herbal infused waters they offer are just what you want after steaming or soaking for hours. However the undisputed highlight is the massive outdoor infinite jacuzzi pool with overlooks to the mountains. There are lounge beds IN the jacuzzi with jets all throughout for a mini massage. It’s not too hot so obviously we spent hours just floating around and loving life.

– The Room & Service –

Our room was absolutely PERFECT. The amenities in the room and attention to detail were what caught my attention off the bat. Little personalized notes everywhere from on the wine to even on the welcome screen of the TV made me feel like we were the only ones at the property. We had insanely picturesque views looking out to the mountains, and frankly I preferred this view to the ocean.

A surprise ring at the door in the afternoon took the cake… literally. They delivered a birthday cake surprise for my boyfriend and it went all too well with the complimentary Mallorcan red wine.

The concierge service for booking day trips was fantastic as well. Anything you want – they can make it happen. You want to helicopter ride to lunch on a mountain then take a yacht ride to catch the sunset before getting back to the port? Consider it done.

– Dining & Drinks –

For all you foodies out there, the restaurant selection is great if you love tapas, seafood, sushi, and great views. We took the managers advice to go for cocktails and dinner at the Sunset sushi restaurant. Admittedly we were too late for the sunset plus it was too overcast to see anything anyway, but apparently it is world renown for best cocktails with sunset views. We ordered gyozas to start, an assortment of sushi, and a couple cocktails (a Mojito with fresh orange and a Moscow Mule). Honestly, every single bit was beyond delicious. We even ordered more and stayed for a few hours.

They have a huge assortment for their breakfast buffet with freshly made eggs nearly any way you could want them. I couldn’t resist going for an Eggs Benny and of course 2 glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice.

– The Pros –

The spa, the service, and the exclusivity were really the highlights. Not only did they make us feel like royalty, we could spend the whole visit thoroughly enjoying our time together and we left completely relaxed.

The location is ideal if you just want to hide away and have a romantic weekend. Of course, the food and drinks as well were on point and there wasn’t a bad bit about it.

– The Cons –

Of course with luxury, it doesn’t always come cheaply. For example, the dinner alone was over 100eur for 2 people. If price is not a worry, if this is your one vacation a year, or if it’s a very special occasion, it is truly a top place to go all out.

The location is absolutely exquisite for a relaxing getaway, but not necessarily if you want to do any exploring. Being nestled away makes it a chore if you want to drive anywhere.

Have you visited this property before and have thoughts about it??

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*This post was not sponsored but I did receive some travel agent TLC

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