Lake Bled

If you’re planning to make a trip to Slovenia any time soon and have a a few days to get away, make sure you add the getaway lake town of Bled to your itinerary for a bit of nature, hiking, and relaxation. This petite village is just about an hours bus ride north of Ljubljana and is well worth a couple days detour.

Bled has become one of the top destinations of Slovenia, just behind Ljubljana. Unfortunately, this means visitors flock here during the peak summer months. However, if you catch it in late August/early September you’ll be able to dodge the crowds. On and around the lake can rent row boats, paddle boards, and even SCUBA in the green, freshwater lake. If you’re feeling a bit overheated from the 6km stroll around, feel free to take a dip and even make the swim all the way to the main focal point : The Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria [‘The Church on the Lake’] in the southern section of the lake. Just remember, entering the church in your swimsuit is strongly frowned upon… and actually forbidden so just don’t try it.

Other attractions include a 15 minute hike up to a viewpoint overlooking the entire lake, a short climb up to the castle neighboring Bled, and the nearby Lake Bohinj.

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The Vintgar Gorge

Just a few minutes outside the town of Bled is the Triglav National Park, home to some leisurely hiking, some more strenuous peaks, and the famous Vintgar Gorge. For a 4euro entrance fee, you can make your way through the gorge and onwards into the park for more secluded hiking.

It’s quite easy to squeeze the gorge, overlook, and a pleasant boating trip on the lake all into one day. However, I fully suggest getting to know a place and its people a bit more, relaxing, and taking time to adventure the lesser known areas!
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  • I am so excited for you! This is what I was doing in my twenties but not documenting it! Good for you! Thanks for sharing this with us. I was all over Italy, Greece, Egypt, Israel and Turkey! We are enjoying this with you! Our grandson Christof is taking classes in Austria right now. Ciao, Ciao!

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