These past few days and all the scares of recent events (a bad reaction to a tick bite leading to a few ER visits) have left me thinking… instead of posting about my gross wound, why not share about the amazing weekend when I actually got the tick bite! No one needs to hear a sob story!

It all began at Swedish Midsummer… A long weekend dedicated to celebrating days never fully turning to night and the fresh feels of summer!

I first heard about this weekend years ago when a friend raved about how amazing it was to spend the weekend partying in an archipelago. My imagination led me to scenes from Frozen mixed with season 1 of “Welcome to Sweden”. However, after being present for it this year, I better understand it’s true purpose – to celebrate daylight, sun, warmth, summer, and loving life.


For this years midsummer, my two closest friends in Sweden and I rented the most ideal and surreal little grouping of cottages on a tiny island an hour outside of Stockholm in the Archipelago (“Skärgård”). Our cottages came complete with “typical” summer home features – outdoor showers, modern outhouses, fireplaces, and a SAUNA!


I must say, I LOVE the traditions of midsummer – dancing like a little kid around the “midsommarstång” – midsummer pole, playing games in the yard, eating a tasty feast of traditional dishes like herring, potatoes, and strawberry cake for desert. My favorite tradition though had to be going into the fields to pick our own wildflowers and twisting them into a colorful crown, followed by singing a tune about a little frog and hopping around in circles. Even just relaxing by the fire, taking a nature walk around the island, painting henna tattoos, and sipping wine was Swedish HEAVEN!

DSC_0455 DSC_0436 DSC_0433DSC_0457

I think so far it’s easy to see how I could have been bitten by a nasty little parasite. The nature was just too tempting to ignore! After the clouds cleared up and the sun came out, we couldn’t help but take naps on the deck and wander through the wildflower fields.

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I truly believe this holiday of appreciating nature and being alive with beautiful friends should be adopted by every country.

**I have no regrets about spending the weekend in such a beautiful place, even if ticks are a huge problem in the area. As for a brief conclusion: After blood tests at the ER in Paris, the results look good! I’m currently on antibiotics and the mysterious purple bubble rash on my leg is subsiding! A huge amount of gratitude to all my friends and family who reached out to me with information, suggestions, and ridiculous remarks that made me smile.

You make my heart swell and I owe you all my sanity 🙂

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