One of the great things about Italy is that it is generally easy to navigate for a newer traveler. Rome in particular is almost impossible to get actually “lost” in. You may head down a side street and stray a bit from your intended path, but walk 5 more minutes and you’ll either find something unexpected and beautiful, or what you were planning to see anyways later that day.

I’m not one for busy tourist spots, but since my family only had a few days in Rome, we used the Rick Steve’s Italy guide for tourist time. He actually does a really great job of describing all the minor details and hints when sightseeing Italy which will save you a great deal of time. He even provides self-guided tours with maps and descriptions of all the stops so you don’t get swindled into booking unecessary & pricey tours. His book along with the Roma pass is great for tourists wanting to see main Rome (and other major Italian hotspots) on a time crunch.

I was lucky enough to stay in Rome over a week and got to wander a bit by myself and see some nature with some new friends. It was nice to change things up and get the best of both worlds 🙂

IMG_7540DSC_0044DSC_0070 Piazza Navona



About an hour by train from Rome

DSC_0189DSC_0110IMG_7588 Hadrian’s Villa from Parco Villa Gregoriana


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