Beer snob, foodie, snacker, choc-a-holic : I am all of the above. Generally I prefer to pass up the churches and museums for a good foodtruck or a beer along the river. However, the towns in Belgium let you do it all. My latest trip to Belgium left me in absolute heaven as it had sweet and savory treats for days and buildings so cute, it felt like I was dancing through a Disney movie. Since I visited a few cities in Belgium, I’ve divided it up into a few posts. Here is the first :

Top 10 Things to Eat, Drink, & Do in Bruges, Belgium


Take a Canal Boat Trip

There are multiple vendors along the central part of the river, all for about 8eur. We naturally went for one with a very rustic, sailor looking captain. The boat tour will show you little nooks you probably wouldn’t know existed otherwise so make this a priority!

Walk along Steenhouwersdijk

Clearly it wears autumn well and it’s just too picturesque to not snap some photos on this particular street. There are plenty of little streets and bridges to wander but this was my favorite!

Have a beer and gaze over the Canals at 2be Beer Wall

You don’t need to even be a drinker to enjoy Belgium, but it helps. This place is great for a beer followed by an afternoon of boat trip watching (you’ll see this place from your boat trip and definitely want to be here!). Also, the scene of Colin Ferrel jumping out of the hotel from In Bruges happened right next door

Street Vendor Pomme Frites

The pomme frites (fries) are seriously addictive, as is the Andalusia sauce that is only found in Flanders.

Eat As Many Decked out Waffles as Possible

Get your chocolate from The Chocolate Line

Watch the artisans craft treats, then customize your own box of chocolates from over 30 different specialties.

Breakfast at @Tatties

It’s a very simple place but damn the bacon and eggs are a great hangover cure. The paninis and french onion soup will do the job too

Climb the Belfry

… but I didn’t because it’s too many stairs, so I just appreciated it and ate my pomme frites from below

Tour the Brouwerij (Brewery) Halve Maan

This family run brewery is great to actually learn how your beer is made. Then, grab lunch and a beer in the beer garden out front.

Stay at St Christophers Inn Bauhaus

I heart a hostel with it’s own bar/pub SO MUCH. This one had great rustic vibes, delicious beers, a good happy hour, and live music. Not to mention the staff is so fun and breakfast is included!

BONUS :: Visit any of the odd Museums 

  • Fry museum
  • Beer museum
  • Chocolate museum – Choco-story
  • Diamond museum
  • Old St. John’s Hospital – Medical museum

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7 Thoughts on “Top 10 Things to Eat, Drink & Do in Bruges”

  • Rereading this brings me back to my visit to Belgium this summer. I think we hit most of the things on your list! We even climbed the Belfry tower. It had great views, but admittedly, I’m not sure it was worth it between the wait and the crowds. Totally agree that Bruges a beautifully picturesque city.

  • Glad you loved the most beautiful city in my country! One day I was lucky to witness a proposal in a lovely hidden square!
    Were they not too many tourists when you went?

  • I am travelling here with a friend in a few weeks so the timing of this post couldn’t be better!!! I will be sure to check out your recommendations x

  • I will never forget being in Bruge with my mother and her compulsive list of strange museums to visit (choco story, fry museum, the torture museum…) I couldn’t believe such a small city had so many strange tourist attractions ! But it is such a beautiful city with small town charm I loved Bruges

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