As a travel agent, I love getting asked about honeymoon destinations that are a bit more off the board. I know when they politely say “we don’t really want to lay on the beach all day”, they mean to say they don’t want to be restricted to an all-inclusive, compound-like resort while wasting away on a tiny manicured beach, sipping low-quality liquor cocktails. I’m with you people. For the couples that actually like to DO things, be active, and want a little excitement in their lives, I’ve complied this list of places that I’ve enjoyed with a significant other – or at least felt they would have been nice with one there – and that come highly recommended by fellow adventurous love-birds. They offer thrill-seeking activities with a pinch of romance making them great for a non-traditional honeymoon or even just an adrenaline pumping couples vacation.


Here you have it, my list of top trips for adventure-seeking couples!

Cape Town, South Africa   {*Top Pick*}

It should come as no surprise that I’d recommend Cape Town as not only the best place in the world to travel in general, but the best vacation spot for couples! I get so worked up talking about this city because I’ve visited twice already and it still gives me goosebumps just thinking about how diversified this place is. 

Why it’s great for outdoorsy duos: I think the list of what can’t you do would be shorter. But to name some of my favorite activities: surfing at Muizenberg Beach & Kommetjie (ok, I’m not good enough for Kommetjie or Llundundo), hiking Table Mountain and Lions Head, summer music festivals at Kirstenbosch botanical gardens, romantic winery excursions through picturesque Stellenbosch, and cage diving with Great Whites. These are all things you can do right in Cape Town, or at least an hours drive away. If you’re there a bit longer and none of these options tickle your fancy, rent a car and drive the Garden Route to Hermanus to whale watch, Jeffrey’s Bay to watch the surfers attempt Supertubes, bungee jump at Bloukrans – the world highest commercial bungee bridge – or the obvious: go on safari to catch the Big 5. There’s nothing more romantic than cuddling together in your tent while hyenas and leopards stalk your campsite in the wee hours of the night.

Patagonia – Chile & Argentina

This is by far #1 on my own to-do list for 2016/17, and I’m hoping to tackle it with my number #1 manfriend. Breathtaking landscapes and scenery for days, wine, trekking, camping, food… give it all to me. Not to mention you can catch a boat to Antarctica if you’re lucky and for the right price. Maybe you’ll be inspired by some penguins… they pick a mate and stick with them for life!

Costa Rica

You don’t have too much time off work or the budget is keeping you from straying too far from the States. You want sun and you want excitement. Out of all of the Caribbean/Central American countries, Costa Rica would be my top choice for a couples getaway or honeymoon. It’s by far one of the least commercial countries in the region, yet it’s still easily navigable and exciting. There are some fantastic fares leaving from the East coast and once you’re there, it’s generally inexpensive. Rent a car and hike around Arenal volcano, zip-line in the jungle at Monteverde, or snorkel/surf at one of the many gorgeous beaches strung along the West coast. Stay in family-owned B&B’s to meet locals and have a romantic yet authentic experience.



I’m torn to label this as a great couples getaway because it’s ideal to visit solo/single as well. But for the couple that likes to party together, it really is a great time. On Phi Phi, Koh Phangan, and Phuket, there are plenty of romantic getaway resorts that are just a tuk-tuk ride from the downtown party. In Chiang Mai you have jungle trekking and elephant sanctuaries (that I strongly advise thorough research before visiting) and in Bangkok you have historic Buddhist temples, floating markets, and the crazy Koh San Road. Who knows, maybe you’ll get crazy and get each others names bamboo-tattooed! It’s a nice mix of nature, tradition, and relaxation; but as always, I suggest trying to steer clear of the main tourist traps and get adventurous. (Maybe even opt for Vietnam or Laos instead!)




Iceland has officially hit the top 10 tourist destinations for 2016, maybe even the top 5. It seems that everyone and their mother (whom I actually went with… hi mom) is heading there to check out the waterfalls, relax in the Blue Lagoon, and try to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. But to be honest, there’s good reason to go and I’d definitely recommend considering it for a honeymoon! There are so many outdoor activities and so much nature to behold: Snowmobiling on a glacier, snorkeling between two tectonic plates, cuddling up with some hot coco to witness the Aurora Borealis, marveling at one of the hundreds of waterfalls, volcano monitoring, whale watching, Puffin spotting, ahhhh … whew…. Ok, there’s a lot Iceland has to offer and I’d suggest trading a tropical island for this island of Fire and Ice any day. 


Another all-encompassing vacation location, Hawaii is already well-known as a fantastic spot for honeymooners, so I don’t have to do much convincing. There is such an abundance of activity, all to be experienced while soaking in some surrounding natural beauty. Diving, jungle hiking, volcano trekking (you can see lava flowing into the ocean, how much more romantic can you get!?), heli rides around the islands, driving super dangerous but scenic cliff roads… I mean nothing is sexier than nearly escaping death together. 

1_vw-camper-van-couple-traveling  Lauren Smith and Calum Creasey. Click Photo for insight on these two!

Runner Ups

Tanzania – Safari, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar

Borneo, Malaysia – Diving, trekking Mt. Kinabalu, Orangutans

India – Festivals, Food (you’ll get to know each other really well on this trip), spontaneity 

Did I miss any adventurous couples trips?


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  • Hello Alyssaallday, Great post with a lot of details! I haven’t added Costa Rica & Patagonia to my list yet but this has definitely convinced me. Beautiful photographs!

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