I FINALLY got to explore Norway! … sorry for that outburst. But its been such a travel dream of mine.

This episode of my weekend wanders gives a look at my weekend spent in Stavanger, a beautiful little port town with great food and eclectic bars, far less crowded than Bergen but no less charming, and a great start for a road trip up north.


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Don’t Miss : Gamle Stavanger (Old Stavanger) || Sverd i fjell Monument || City Center for shopping and strolling

Dinner : Thai Cuisine Restaurant || Food trucks near the Sjøfartsmonumentet

Drinks : CIRKUS & Ovre Holmegate Street

Thinking of planning your own trip? Check out my Guide to an Epic Norway Road Trip

A Special Thanks to Karen George, the model for most of my photos and the photographer for the one I’m in.

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