The Next Chapter…

Welp, I’ve let the cat out the bag and released via Facebook that some changes are being made in my life. Next Tuesday, I embark on the journey I’ve always wanted to make… beginning in Sweden!


There’s a lot of questions from friends and family that I’d like to take the time to address before I go, the first being:

How long will you be gone for?

Ever since I started traveling, I’ve always had something that drew me back to Virginia (where I was born and still live today), be it rent, my car, my stuff, etc. I’ve never been away from my hometown for longer than 3 months at a time. During my latest travels to Africa, I met countless travelers that had picked up and left with no return date in their future. So a couple months ago, after countless late nights reading travel blogs and surfing through photos, I decided – I’m meant to travel full time.

It’s become normal that I return from a trip, unpack, and visit my family and friends back in the states. However, not even 2 weeks will go by after I’m settled in and I’m wishing I was heading out to another country again. I appreciate and adore my wonderful friends and family, but I’m just not meant for one place… I want to give the world a chance to be my permanent residence.

So I’ve saved up some money, tied up some loose ends, and I’m heading to Stockholm with no return ticket.

What are you going for? School? Work?

The answer to this question is complicatedly simple – I’m going to live. Sounds a little cheezy I know, but I’m not going to study, I don’t have a job there yet, and I’m not just visiting family. I want to be immersed in the culture and see where it takes me.

My generous and amazing soul sister, Louise, has been kind enough to allow me to stay with her in Stockholm. Oh the adventures that await us…

Isn’t it freezing there in the winter?

Yes. I’m stocking up on layers, down jackets, and boots and that’s all I’m going to say about this topic.

Where else are you going to be?

Though I love bouncing around, I’m ironically an advocate for getting to know a city or country rather than spending just a short time in a bunch of different places. I intend to spend as long as my visa allows (3 months in a 6 months period) in Scandinavia, Stockholm being my home base. I hope to be in Eastern Europe (Budapest, Vienna, Zurich) for the Christmas holidays, but no schedule is set yet. Due to Schengen visa requirements, I intend to move on to either Croatia, Cyprus, or the UK in January for 3 months, then Italy in the spring to meet up with family.

An Important Side Note:

I want to take the time to say a little something to all of the people that I’m not able to pack in my suitcase, though I’d very much love to. Each and every person I’ve met has helped shape me into who I am. I am most grateful to all the people that have been supportive of me recently and over the years. My relatives, lifelong friends, P.F. Chang’s family, and recent Dogfish family – you all have a place in my heart and I’ll take our amazing memories with me. My craziest, happiest times were with you all and I wouldn’t trade that for all the plane tickets in the world.

So in conclusion…

I don’t have too much planned other than to “let the chips fall as they may”. I’m absolutely open to meeting up with any and everyone that may be in the general area during my time there. I also welcome any travel suggestions for next spring or summer if someone wants a partner!

I hope to maintain this travel blog and update it full time with photos and stories. I’d like to shy away from posting too much on Facebook to spare friends’ newsfeeds.

Follow me here or on Instagram, and don’t be shy with questions or feedback.

“You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart always will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.” – Miriam Adeney


Cover Photo found Here

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