My Necessities – What I Carry, No Matter What


Tis the season for summer travel! Seasoned and newbie travelers alike finally have a bit of free time to escape to a new land for a few weeks.

A few people have been asking what I consider to be necessities or “survival items” when traveling. Here is what I carry no matter what season it is or part of the world I’m off to :

Camera – A bit of an obvious one, but I’m never without at least a camera phone. I travel with a GoPro 3 Silver, my Nikon D3000, and my iPhone 5C. What you choose to carry should depend a bit on where you’re going and what you plan to do, but just have something to snap a few moments that you can treasure later. Like they always say,

“The best camera is the one you have with you”

Music – I cannot survive without music every day. On bus/train/plane journies, my music sets my mood, gets me excited for a new place, or helps put me to sleep. Particularly for solo travelers, playlists can be your companion when lonely or give you some alone time if in a busy hostel. One of my favorite things to do is listen to older playlists with songs that remind me of places I’ve been and fun times I’ve had, which keeps me motived to keep meeting new people and seeing the world.

Baby wipes – The number 1 item that is always in my bag. I use them a bit more in rugged areas but even in the city, these come in handy as hand sanitizers or toilet paper, amongst other things. Definitely the item that you don’t realize how much you love & need it til you’ve had to pull them out 5 times in a day.

Sunglasses – I have a terrible habit of having shades rain AND shine. Of course they’re really good to keep your peepers safe from UV rays, but I love to use them to push the hair out of my face.

Dry shampoo – Very nice to have when you’re on the move often and just don’t have the time to wash a full head of hair. It’s great if you sweat  or get stuck staying at a hostel with cold water… in the winter.

Black flip flops – I’ve gone through a few pairs now but always come back for more. Even traveling in the winter or to cold climates, I always bring a pair for shower shoes or the sauna – you never know! I choose black because again, it goes with everything – you can wear them to the beach, out at night, or in a grimy hostel shower.

Brita water bottle – I didn’t actually have one of these until recently when my sister-in-law brought 2 to Italy. These are fantastic because you don’t use up as much plastic (yay ecotourism!), you save ALOT of money, and though the tap water throughout most places is drinkable, it’s nice to have that extra little filtration. Get yours here

External battery – A tiny little 2200mAh can be your best friend in a time of need. It’s great for road trips and more exotic locations when you don’t have an outlet very often. This little battery is usually good for one full iPhone 5 charge or a few little juice ups which could be a lifesaver in case you need your map or a phone call! Check out a few inexpensive types here

Black tank, tee, & longsleeve – I swear by these simple items of clothing. You can wear them in hot or cold climates, layer them, dress them up with cute jewelry or sleep in them. They don’t show stains, are extremely versitile, and take up very little space in an overnight bag. I don’t travel without all 3!

What else do you suggest I carry?


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