India Inspiration

These photos from my adventures in India should get you in the mood for your own trip!

I spent 1 month exploring most of the South to mid West coast of this massive country with one of my best friends. My time in India was hands down one of the craziest experiences of my life. We lived simply and mingled as much as possible with locals and fellow travelers alike. In Goa, we celebrated Holi, almost died on scooters, lost a few pairs of sandals, and danced to trance on the beach. We practiced yoga in Varkala, were mistaken for celebrities in Mumbai, and watched the fisherman in Kochi. We had more bhajis and mango lassis than I can count, we survived the infamous local train system, and only got sick one time!

– Kochi (Cochin) –


– Mumbai –


– Varkala Beach –


– Gokarna –


– Goa : Anjuna & Vagator Beach –


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4 thoughts on “India Inspiration

  1. Good to read a warm, positive story of India. All pictures looks really beautiful. I think you have made a true connection with India. Wish you have great times every time you visit.

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