Weekend Wanders Episode I: Malasaña

I made it my mission this past weekend to explore the best rooftop hangouts in Madrid. Here are a few…

{click to enlarge… if you feel like it}

– Shown –

  • Vincci The Mint Hotel Rooftop : It has a food truck on the roof. Need I say more?
  • SlowMex Restaurant : Go for a {spiked} lemonade!
  • The Hat Hostel Rooftop : The cocktail bags (go for the lemonade one… I was on a lemonade trip this weekend) and the misty sprayers will keep you set for hours.

– Not Shown –

  • Room Mate Oscar Rooftop : Failed taking photos of this place (partly due to the wind blowing my dress up) but it’s a great rooftop for a more posh, upscale party. Turns into a party on weekend evenings (only hotel guests in the mornings) and the line can get long. I loved it for a Sunday sesh but I’ll be back to test the night vibes.

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