Weekend Wanders Episode III: Porto

I finally made it to Porto! I had been dying to explore this steep, cliffside port town and it didn’t disappoint. OK, so I don’t like port wine at all, I’m not even a fan of climbing steep hills to get where I need to go, and I can’t speak any Portuguese… but I LOVED it all just the same!

We spent most of the weekend exploring on our own (my favorite) and saved a free walking tour til the last day – which I’ll admit was a mistake. We learned of a whole new part of town and some fantastic {and cheap!} eateries that could’ve come in handy sooner. Regardless, I was reunited with my sister, we made new friends, and got a little crazy.



Sleep : Porto Spot Hostel – Great if you’re coming with a car and want to find easy street parking

Dinner : Pedro Dos Francos – Amazing and inexpensive grilled chicken with piri-piri

Port Wineries : Taylor || Quinta Santa Eufemia || Graham’s Port Lodge

A Night Out : O mais Velho & all the bars along R. Campo dos Mártires da Pátria || Base urban park || Pausa Bar || Gare Club

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