Hey! I’m Alyssa : traveler, explorer, and I like to take a few photos here and there. I live for adventures, diving, food, photography, music, tattoos, and most of all… travel. Having travelled with my family from a very young age, I should have known my one true love right off the bat. I guess it just took a few years of wandering to learn the direction I was meant for.

I’ve channeled my love and passion of travel into creating tailor-made adventures that are unique for each traveller. Whether it’s your first trip as man and wife, a 50th anniversary, a girls getaway, or a solo excursion – I can make your travel dreams a reality.

I’ve dedicated over 3 years to broadening my knowledge of the industry and sharpening the relationships with the vendors I work with. I work closely with specialists directly in each country to ensure the safety and total satisfaction of my clients.

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Q&As :

How many countries have you visited? Cuba just made my 64th. I count visiting as at least leaving the airport, getting a meal from a non-chain restaurant, and chatting with some locals. But I don’t like to go anywhere that I can’t spend at least a week (ideally more than 2) exploring and learning the country.

What’s been your favorite destination so far? My favorite country in the world has been South Africa. I’m a firm believer that the people your with, or meet, can make or break a trip. I’ve been twice so far and both times I’ve met some of the most amazing, free-spirited, beautiful souls on the planet. In addition to being able to share my experiences with cool people, it’s just a beautiful country filled with everything you could possibly want – something for everyone. A close 2nd and 3rd to Cape Town, SA would have to be Madagascar and Iceland for the people, culture, & landscapes.

What’s your spirit animal? I like to think I’m a cross between a Serval (a type of African cat) and a Coconut Octopus. The Serval is playful, independent, and wild. The Coconut Octopus is a total nomad; using 2 coconut halves as it’s home, it picks up each side with its tentacles and carries them when it moves.

What’s the next move? I’ve set up a home-base with my fellow travel-minded boyfriend in Madrid, Spain. It’s where AlyssaAllDay has been based out of since May 2016 actually. I hope to continue soaking in the lush culture and language there, fully committing to travel planning, while simultaneously popping over to some new, personally unexplored spots. To name a few in the works for 2017: Morocco, a Stans trip (Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc), Israel, Jordan, and possibly some more of Africa – fingers crossed!

You’re soooo lucky: Ok this isn’t a question but I hear this almost every day from friends and strangers who just discover what I do for a living. My response is: I’m not lucky, I’ve built this life for myself. I’ve pursued a career that directly incorporates my passion and true love and I’ve spent every day feeding and growing it. I’ve passed up many higher paying jobs which would leave me far more financially comfortable than the uncertainty and unpredictability of a commission-based income. I refuse to settle for dedicating my days to a life I don’t love and I’ve had to give up luxuries and stability for that. A massive tradeoff I’ve had to accept as a permanent nomad is a life of constant movement, missing family and friends’ milestones, and never knowing how much my next paycheck is for. You don’t see or feel the crammed bus rides, travel sickness, lonely silences, and hours of research and trial/error I’ve put into my craft. So it may seem glamorous – and some parts very well are – but you can live your dream life too with passion and sacrifice.


Awards & Certifications:

Top 30Under30 Travel Agents of 2016 by Travel Agent Central
Certified Luxury Specialist by Travel Agent University at the Travel Industry Exchange

Featured Articles:


My Bucket List

  1. Swim with Whale Sharks
  2. Spend the day with Orangutans in Borneo
  3. Connect to every wifi in the world so I never need a plan/SIM… I can walk down the street and always be connected!
  4. Open a hostel / cat café
  5. Skydive (preferably over water) and land on a yacht [dream big right?]
  6. Dive with sea lions in the Galapagos
  7. Hike the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal
  8. Trans-Mongolian Railway
  9. Sleep in a Yurt in Kyrgyzstan
  10. Running of the Bulls in Pamplona
  11. Afternoon Tea at the Ritz in London
  12. Bolivian Salt Flats
  13. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  14. Work on a coffee plantation
  15. Cliff jump
  16. Do a 7-10 day silent retreat
  17. Do yoga in Bali, Indonesia
  18. Bungee Jump [did the highest bungee bridge in the world! Bloukrans, South Africa]
  19. Go to Burning Man/Tomorrowland
  20. Holi festival in India
  21. Dive off the coast of Flores & Komodo Island, Indonesia
  22. Oktoberfest
  23. Carnival in Rio
  24. Dia del Muerto in Mexico
  25. Go to a World Cup match
  26. Go to an Olympic event
  27. Set foot on Antarctica (and see a few penguinos)
  28. Become fluent in over 3 languages
  29. Watch Hotel Transylvania in Transylvania
  30. Patagonia, Chile
  31. Shark cage dive with Great Whites
  32. Hike Mt. Kilimenjaro
  33. Smoke a cigar in Cuba
  34. Hike the fjords in Norway
  35. Finish sleeve tattoo
  36. Clubbing in Ibiza
  37. Straddle the Equator
  38. Make sushi
  39. See the northern lights
  40. Walk between 2 tectonic plates
  41. Go dogsledding
  42. See a dung beetle rolling poop [1/2 way there!]
  43. Swim with otters


“To move, to Breathe, to Fly, to Float, to Gain all while you Give

To Roam the Roads of Lands Remote, To Travel is to Live.”

– Hans Christian Anderson

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Alyssa, your mom forwarded me the link to your bare foot article. Nice article and I love your website. You are very creative. Be safe in this crazy world. Hugs, AML

  2. Hey Alyssa it’s Paul! 😊 This is absolutely great! Such a great business idea. I wish I had the guts like you to just drop it all and travel. Knowing my father owns a travel agency and that he won’t let me work there kills me because I’d take every opportunity I had to travel. So I started my own business and when the time comes I’m going to travel to where ever my finger lands on the globe. Ahh god I’m jealous of you. I hope all is well and hope you are staying safe.

    I miss you.

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