tunis weekend guide

The Weekend Guide to Tunis

The ultimate guide for a weekend of exploring Tunis. Where to stay, what to see, the tastiest eateries, the best views and the must-see souks.

The Quick Guide to Overland Travel in Costa Rica

Pura Vida! If you are heading to Costa Rica, you are in for such a wonderful trip! You’ll be needing to get yourself around the country, so I suggest reading my quick travel guide before you head out.

Photo Diary: Inspiration for Visiting Tunisia

There are hidden gems all over Tunisia, just waiting to be discovered. Its Mediterranean charm, ancient history, and buzzing souks all beg to be explored. These photos will make you want to do just that.

What to Pack for a Trip to Tunisia

Heading to Tunisia? Here’s my complete packing guide for everything you should bring along on your trip as well as some tips on what to wear.

How to Beat Jet Lag

Traveling long distances and between time zones can hit you with a serious sweep of jet lag. Jet lag is […]

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6 Prime Destinations for Camping Enthusiasts

If you only really come alive camping amidst nature’s beauty, you may have already scoured the globe for the best camping locations the world has to offer, but if you’re new to these kinds of holidays, join me as I tour the world for the most picturesque sites that all camping enthusiasts must see.