With the holidays over, January is a popular time to organize vacations for a spring break and any summer holidays. However, a lot of airlines are putting up specials for some last chance getaways for February through March. If you have some time off or want to treat yourself for Valentines Day, these destinations could be just the trick.

– February –

Germany : “Insiders Oktoberfest” takes place in Munich in late February when locals celebrate spring with strong beers. Condor offers some great airfare from the US for this time through the spring.

Iceland : Cold with winter still in full effect but a good chance to see the Northern Lights and some great last minute airfare!

Scandinavia { Norway, Denmark, etc } : Some amazing airfare specials from the US through Norwegian Air to get one last visit to a winter wonderland

Cambodia : The country is dry and warm yet the Tonlé Sap Lake is still high – a perfect time for a visit throughout the country.


Carnival : Throughout Brazil, in parts of Southern Spain, & in Venice, Italy

  • Brazil – February 27 – 28, 2017
  • Southern Spain (Cadiz, Canary Island, Andalusia) – Late February
  • Venice – February 11 – 28, 2017
VENICE, ITALY - FEBRUARY 27, 2014: Unidentified person with Venetian Carnival mask in Venice, Italy
Carnival in Venice, Italy


Haiti : Cool, dry, and waiting for visitors to explore the diverse areas throughout.

– March –

South Africa : Autumn is beginning and the weather is getting cooler. There’ll be less tourists, perfect for Kruger and inland trips!

Holi Festival in Northern India & Nepal : This festival celebrates spring, spreading love, and the passing of winter. The center-point of the festivities is the holy city of Varanasi but close, larger cities will celebrate, even down to Goa and into Nepal. The streets will fill with participants armed with colored powder, so buy some bags from a local street vendor and jump in.

St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland : There’ll be parades and a lot of happy drunk people! Accommodation books up fast so jump on this quickly if you intend to visit!

Cherry Blossoms in Japan : (and in Washington DC!) They last for just a few weeks and generally don’t survive after a heavy rain.

Balinese New Year : “Nyepi” – A week of rituals ousting the negative and preparing for a new year of peace and redemption. Beginning with parading around and burning statues of demons, the following days involve quiet, meditation, and asking forgiveness from friends and family. It occurs throughout the island of Bali, Indonesia.


*Keep in mind airfare specials are subject to availability and probably end by this week. Book airfare before anything else!

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Photo Sources : Cambodia Photo – bbc.co.uk ‘wonders of the monsoon’ ; Venice Photo – europeanbestcities.com ; Bali photo – theatlantic.com

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