Giving gifts can already be a grueling task if you don’t know the person very well or they already have everything they need. Getting a present for a loved one that travels is even harder. Will you get them something they’ll be able to bring on their adventures? Is it something they can use while exploring or will it sit in storage, forgotten while they’re halfway round the globe for 6 months. Each item is carefully chosen when packing for a trip, especially when weight and convenience are at stake. Will your gift make it in that list?

I’ve composed a list of gifts I would personally LOVE and actually use or take with me during my trips. So here is the one, the only…

The Go-To Traveler Gift Guide

Tech Gifts

Universal Adaptor

One with a few regular and USB outlets is great for charging multiple gadgets simultaneously

External Battery

Your traveler friend probably already has one, but you can never have too many! One with multiple USB slots and a high wattage will be most appreciated but a compact mini one for a day bag will get put to good use too!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

These can get a bit pricey but if you can swing them, your gift recipricant will love you forever! I have the Bose QuietComfort 25 and I'll admit, music has never sounded so good until listening through these babies; especially on a noisy plane or doing work in a crowded cafe

Amazon Kindle

This is perfect for a traveler who loves to read, watch movies, or has children (to keep them occupied!)

Mobile Hotspot

This is such a great invention for the working traveler, or "digital nomad". These little devices have a few varieties of plans with them, but essentially they give wifi that can be used to hotspot multiple devices at a time. For example, one company offers 24 hours of 3G wifi for $10. This way, if the traveler needs to spend the day doing some hardcore blogging or emailing, they can do as much as they want from anywhere in the world (and even share some!)

Charging Phone Case

A great gift for the traveler that uses their phone for every outlet. Taking photos, being active on social media, keeping in touch - these eat your battery life and fiddling with a cord is a pain. This extra battery pack is built into the case to give a full charge to make it through the day

Fujifilm Instax Camera

Being able to have a physical photo memory to give to new friends while traveling is so sweet. It lets you make and give memories instantly!

GoPro Camera

On the topic of cameras, GoPros are the best of the best for travelers. They're compact, water/shock proof, and take amazing photos and video. No matter where your friend is traveling, this WILL come in handy

UE Roll Speaker (Waterproof)

These little waterproof speakers will keep the party going while traveling. They're very lightweight, hold a long battery life, and pump out a LOT of sound.

Practical Gifts

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

I can't begin to tell you how amazing these neck pillows are. One with a pocket for your phone, paired with an eye mask and sound cancelling headphones - the best sleep you'll ever have on a 12 hour flight!

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Got a coffee loving traveler to buy for? These plastic, lightweight devices make single serving cups of coffee/espresso similar to a french press. It's perfect for when instant coffee doesn't do the trick

Brita Filter Bottle

Bringing along a refillable bottle is so helpful for saving plastic and money. Of course the filter won't eliminate all the bacteria, so if your friend/loved one is going to a more exotic destination for a long period of time, consider getting them an actual water filtration kit.

Uber Gift Card

Sometimes you just don't want to hail a cab in the rain to the hotel after a long flight. Occasionally you find yourself way over the legal limit to drive and all your friends have gone in different directions from the bar and you need a ride to your hostel. Uber service is active in over 81 countries now and can truly be a lifesaver to a traveler. Give the gift of a safe ride home.

Wrist Watch

A traditional time-teller is very helpful as travelers don't always take their phones everywhere if they aren't on data. A waterproof watch is a good idea in case one forgets they have it on and a spontaneous swim in the ocean pops up. Just pick a color that goes with everything!

Kindle Unlimited

Get Kindle unlimited to go with the Kindle for your traveler. It includes unlimited books and audiobooks. Sign up for a free 30 day trial here to test it out before gifting it!

Vacuum Sealed Packing Bags

I can't stop raving about these to anyone that travels! These vacuum sealable packing bags are so handy for packing a carry-on or checked bag! They offer large, medium, and small bags PLUS roller bags to squeeze the air out for trips where a vacuum may not be handy. Remember, they don't save on weight, just space so make sure whomever you give them to still weighs their luggage!

Personal Gifts

Coordinates Necklace

This is great as a present for him or her. It can be the location of home, where you first met, or just generally a special place with meaning.

Passport Cover

A durable leather cover with pockets on the inside for old boarding passes is a small but appreciated gesture. A big word of advice, make sure you don't get one with a specific country name on the front. As proud of your country as you may be, not all destinations or people feel the same way. A traveler doesn't always want to advertise where they're from, so something plain and simple is highly recommended. Monogramming with initials is a great touch too!

ONA Camera Bag

This company makes the most beautiful camera bags for men and women. I love them because it's not obvious an expensive camera is inside but they're so spacious, personal, and practical!

Carry-On Cocktail Kit

This little kit comes complete with everything needed to make your drink of choice in the air. Talk about proper prior planning!

Top Notch Gifts

Travel Photo Shoot

This is an amazing service I just partnered with this year. They offer photoshoots with a local photographer in over 200 cities worldwide. If you know a couple going on their honeymoon next year, book them an hour photoshoot in one of the places they're going so they'll have memories in print forever! Contact me for VIP rates!

Airport Lounge Membership

This is my DREAM present! With Priority Pass, there are 3 options depending on how often the traveler flies ranging in price from $99, $299, and $399. With a year membership, the traveler will have access to over 1000 airport lounges worldwide!

A Travel Consultation with ME!

Give the gift of a professional travel designer! I offer services from a quick 30 minute, in-depth chat all the way to fully customized itineraries with concierge service. No matter where you are in the planning process, I can be of service!

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