Going on a trip should wipe out the stress in your life, not add to it! All you need to do is make the time to get away and I’ll do the rest.

Why Hire Me

I specialize in luxury & adventure trip design for solo travelers, couples, and small groups looking for a unique experience.


We’re a great match if you…

  • want a professionally tailored and personalized itinerary made especially for you
  • don’t have the time to research and organize a trip
  • want to be involved in planning but are a bit overwhelmed with the mass of information on the internet
  • know exactly what you want but would prefer a professional to take care of everything
  • love travel and want to brainstorm an epic getaway

The Planning Process

Contact Me!

Fill out the brief questionnaire below or email me directly at contact.alyssaallday@gmail.com so I can learn more about you and your vision.


When we've chosen the perfect place, I'll collect the boring paperwork and planning fee so I can get started right away on your personalized itinerary! We'll pin down airfare and accommodation right away since they are least flexible.


About 2 months prior to travel, I'll accessorize and add day trips, restaurant suggestions, and all the little things that make your dream trip unique.

Bon Voyage!

It's go time! You'll receive your documents, I'll take care of any last details, and you can start packing!


Consultation - $75

I create some itineraries I think are best for you with selected hotels, activities, and my tips and suggestions. You book all parts on your own to allow for more flexibility.

Getaway - $200

Total trip design for domestic or international trips up to 7 days [1-2 people]. I create, book, and maintain all parts of the trip while incorporating your ideas.

Adventure - $300

Total trip design for domestic or international trips between 8 and 14 days & up to 3 countries [1-2 people]

Wanderlust - $400

Total trip design for domestic or international trips 15+ days or more than 3 countries [1-2 people]

Customized Quote

For groups, weddings, concierge service, and other specialized services, contact me with your details and I'll give you your customized quote

Now Tell Me...

{and don't be afraid to get into detail}


My travel agent Alyssa was flat out amazing!! She made everything so easy. I manage a travel softball team and work full time so my time is limited. She made everything so easy. In the end the whole trip was put together with easy instructions and an itinerary that was very easy to follow

Mark S.

Alyssa helped me plan my honeymoon and she was really helpful! She keeps in touch closely with me not only during the planning process but also when we were traveling. So great to have worked with Alyssa!

Yvonne L

Alyssa was fantastic. I have already recommended her to friends and colleagues. She was very patient, asked the right questions, and went beyond what I expected.

Judith G.

We had a wonderful, knowledgeable agent in Alyssa Edelen, she really knew her stuff!

Heidi H.

“Alyssa was very professional and her customer service was great. She made sure I received all discounts and upgrades before I even asked.”

Laura A.