I thought I had experienced luxury hotels in my travel career… that is until I visited the brand new Wynn Palace Cotai. The thought put into every nook and cranny in this property boasts extravagance, and while I’m more of a couchsurfing girl, I know there are plenty of vacationers out there with a different travel style than my own that could surely benefit from this knowledge. I can’t wait any longer, let’s just jump right into why this is the most lavish and dazzling resort in all of Macao.


Don’t you hate going to check in and people who aren’t even staying at your hotel are crowding the lobby? That problem no longer exists thanks to the cable car check-in system. Jump into your personal SkyCab that takes you to the guest only check in desk. On the ride up, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the resort, the surrounding area, and hopefully catch a bit of the elaborate fountain show that sets off every 30 minutes. You’ll be greeted by cheerful staff, eager to take care of your luggage and escort you to your guest room.


Perhaps when you were booking your stay, you noticed there were different room types, as there usually are for most hotels. Where those just different room sizes and views? Absolutely not. Steve Wynn’s wife decided to create a color coordinated vibe for each level of room. After choosing the category, you can also request to be in the Sunrise Yellow, Sunset Orange, Peacock Blue, or Wynn Gold themed guest room.

And then of course we have the gold plated razors, the Bang & Olufsen speakers, and the TV in the bathtub of every guest room. But let’s talk about the most conspicuous yet innovative of all the guest room details. You may not notice it right away, but your TV & iPad (your remotes for everything in the room down to checking in for your flight) will welcome you in your first language. When you check in, your nationality is inputted and the system will automatically adapt to your mother tongue (or English if you’re too exotic). Like I said: the details.


If you ever leave the opulence of your guest room, you’ll probably want to go to the buffet area for lunch; but this is no cold cuts and stale bread assembly line. The desserts alone have their own room of the restaurant, with tarts and cakes of every kind just waiting to be forever implanted on your thighs. Sushi, steak, salmon, omelets, pizza, it doesn’t matter – it’s there, it’s fresh, and it’s delicious. I was [again] blown away by the details in the decor, but what caught my eye actually had a practical purpose. Confused at first, I noticed that womens’ purses were not slung over their chair backs or tucked under their feet. The bags were cozily nestled on their own mini chairs next to their owners. Initially, I thought they were tiny chairs for children; but alas, just a comfy cushion for your $1,200 Louis Vuitton. Naturally.


Of course if you ever get tired of this dining option [which would make you a total loon] there are a few other options like fine Cantonese dining, the lounge where you can have your wine chosen for you by the sommelier, a fine Japanese restaurant powered by Master Chefs, or the all-day dining café.

Let’s proceed to the highlight, in my opinion, of the entire resort experience. Continuing with the entire floral theme of the property, floral designer Preston Bailey creates masterpieces around the hotel. The larger, more obvious displays take up entire rooms and are made completely out of flowers. Febreeze don’t have nothin’ on the smells in this property. Can’t wait to see the Hot Air Balloon piece of art that I photographed? Too bad! The displays are changed every 6 weeks.


In summary, I’d love to quote my friend and organizer of my entire experience, “If the Ritz is a swan, the Wynn is a peacock.” It’s glitz, glamor, and exuberance may be excessive for some, but you can’t deny that a visit here is an experience that you will and can NOT forget.

A shoutout to the Macau Government Tourism Agency for making this visit happen! Also to Yvonne for being the subject of some of my photos and the photographer for ones I feature in!

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